something that you do after you wash something such as drinking glasses, dinner plates, silverware.
West Virginia man: "hey, Honeybunch, when are we finishin' the card game?"

West Virginia woman: "Just after I rench the dishes, sweety".
by Timothy D. Wilson January 19, 2008
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A very unique simple form of chav, not that they arnt simple enough already. they tend to laze around in there shitty little council flats, constantly smoking weed talking about fights that never existed.

there speach abilities are also utter shit.
doss rench1: "points finger at a mosher"
doss rench2: errrrrrr
doss rench1: wunt dare m8
mosher: "lolz" "shakes head"
by mightymouse1210 February 18, 2009
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Something that smells so bad you can’t describe it
Shen just renched. It stinks like Covid
by Brian shenden March 1, 2021
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