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Someone so damn into his religion that it controls his life, behaviour, way of thinking, respect and relations with other people.
Relignorants use social media to post stuff about their religion and try to indoctrinate as many victims as possible, like as if they suffer from religious tourettes syndrome. Their religion is everything and everything is coming forth of their religion. Even their farts are a gift from their transcendent higher power. Their religious tunnel vision makes them only see their religion and they're very intolerant towards people with other beliefs or ideas. It has infected them so much they can't even think properly no more.
"Sarah posted a message on facebook again to thank her god for her train being on schedule."
"Yeah, she's becoming a real relignorant."
by Dighneaubendah June 14, 2016
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Being completely clueless, or ignorant, about the religion you practice. As most people who claim to be atheist are...
Sure she says he's an atheist... but that's only because she's relignorant. I'm pretty sure she doesn't even know what the word means.
by Tackyhats January 21, 2008
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