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Reines(Pronounced Rains)

Born in the late 1980s and of Scottish heritage. His real name and exact age remain a mystery. Ever since a young age aspired to "auto" everything he did, which eventually found it's home in RSC (RuneScape Classic) cheating. Under the nick Reines, he was the founder of the highly successful RSC macro forum Reinet, in which members were rewarded via auth system: access to Reines' popular RSC bot STS (Skull torcha scriptable), which allowed users to create their own personalised scripts for what they desired to acheive in the game.

Unfortunately RSC FTP (free to play) was removed shortly after one of Reines' greatest innovations - STS shell, whereby several macro operations could be run similtaniously.

Recently, Reines has moved away from Reinet and is currently in the proccess of a couple of non RS related projects and is studying full time at university.

Has been likened to Jesus.
Reines, please send me the script pack LOLZ!111
by Unholy August 19, 2006
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The sexxiest nig in town. Maker of STS. Leet java dick. :D <3 to reines!
Pmfg, i wish i was like reines.. : (
by Froob May 07, 2005
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The most beautiful girl in the world with a great personality and beautiful voice
Reine is perfect
by Giba svakianey May 23, 2016
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1. A sexy beast that is always under attacking by noobs wanting bot help. By far the most annoying noob is Khain.
2. A person that <3 Khain even though he annoys
That person is Reines, he <3s Khain
by Khain August 16, 2004
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A cute, adorable little angel with the sweetest personality. Her name is French which means, "Queen". She starts off shy but once she opens up, it'll be as a beautiful flower starting to bloom. She has soft, fragrant hair and delicate looking eyes full of sparkles. She ties her hair into two cute ribbons and often wears light coloured clothes with prints of bunnies or cakes. Her face can be compared to that of a doll or a baby. Reine loves a soft, gentle melody as it's what she listens to everyday. She loves her friends, family and her pet bunny, she's also often clingy and apologises way too many times. She's a little short, but that just adds to her cuteness. Her personality is so sweet, not even honey can be compared. She can be quite sensitive at times, and will most likely cry while watching a Dinsey movie with her beloved friends. Reine is by far the more perfect girl you will ever meet. If you ever meet a Reine, call yourself lucky.
"Aww! Look how cute Reine is wearing that dress! She looks like a little princess!"
by AngelDemon1111 November 11, 2017
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Reine is the meaning of "queen" in french. This name is 78% used for girls around the world.

Reine is a geart adventurious girl

She is loyal she loves her friends and Reine is a danger taker.
Reine like to help others.

She is lovable by her friends and do not like problems.

She is not a queen like her name definite her but she have a big heart and she is emotional.

Reine have a beautiful face.

She is a great person but when it's a serious time she can be full serious.

Even if Reine do not likes problems it does not mean she can not make problems and it is not easy to fight her even if it is not a real fight.
"Reine have a good dress tonight awh how cute she is"
by Anonymous_person:) September 24, 2017
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A reine is always fun to be around , she is beautiful , smart , somehow annoying , very hot , she always says the truth no matter what the consequences are !
She loves everyone ... she likes to be social and meet new people .

She is perfect on the inside out and always puts u in a good mood when u are around her , she likes to joke around a lot but she is very serious in some cases .

A reine has anger issues , she gets angry very fast but Tries to remain silent and calm , but in the end of the day a reine is the best person
Dudeee , reine is sooo hot
by Chabloooni January 03, 2018
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