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A Runescape lover fan site, home of the famous STS bot, once one of the most used and most loved free bots in the game. Created by Reines, in 2004 and later taken over by the venerable Warthog in 2006, who was known throughout the game as one of the most honest players to ever play the game, and creater of many Character market innovations, including the WTS. Also known for his tough stance on scammers. Reines later moved on to SYI, a general hang-out community. Though Runescape related interests are not what they once were, Reinet still enjoys a very strong userbase, who enjoy socializing, and playing games, contests etc.
We went searching for the leetest Runescape site ever for cheating and buying characters, and stumbled across Reinet.
by Reinet Historian May 04, 2006
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