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Redding is a mid-sized northern california city that is secluded from any major cities and they like it that way. It is over 2 hours north of shit hole sacramento and they dont have to deal with traffic, crowds, and gangs as much as city people do and thats why a lot of city folks have moved up there. It is 90% white and the other 10% are pretty much white washed but they love their minorities. There are okie rednecks, hillbillies, cowboys, stoners, tweekers, sluts, bros, bro hoes, yuppies, jesus freaks, scenesters, hipsters, and even some wanna-be gangsters all within the 100,000 population, so i guess its pretty diverse. It is hot as hell and thats what its known for even though its only 3 degrees hotter than any other valley town in california. At least they have bad ass lakes that are only 10 mins away. The fishing and hunting and other outdoor recreational activities are way better up there than anywhere else in california. Lakes, mountains and rivers surround Redding and the sac river runs right through it giving it some amazing scenery. Redding is one of the best central valley towns (Redding to Bakersfield) to live in. Some of the surrounding smaller towns are even better to live in than Redding including Palo Cedro, Bella Vista, Millville, Cottonwood, Old Shasta and maybe even Red Bluff. There are some not so great towns that are near Redding including Anderson and Shasta lake city but they arent too bad, there is just a shit load of tweekers in those towns.
Reddingite: Where are you from?
Modestoan: Modesto...
Reddingite: Oh that sucks, I'm from redding california.
Modestoan: Oh cool I want to move there!
Reddingite: No please don't, we dont want you there.
Modestoan: Okay... :(
by Modestoan July 31, 2011
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