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A combination of the words "reddit" and "addict", a reddict is defined to be one who spends countless hours of his or her life wasting away on reddit, clicking on everything and the proceeding to spam his or her friends facebook walls and news feeds with links to in-depth comment threads on the quality of bathroom graffiti, pictures of newborn platypuses, and rage comic after rage comic. after. rage. comic.

How to spot a reddict based on:
Their vocalizations
"Hey man, check out this conspiracy theory posted on reddit! Theses guys are claiming Rebecca Black's Friday is actually about JFK's assassination!!"
"Look at this X-Wing fighter I just made out of office supplies!!"
"AdviceAnimals KNOW ALL!!"
"Is that a balloon triceratops?!?!?"

Their appearance
-Likely to be shrunken in appearance from hours of inactivity
-Eyes bloodshot and strained from computer glare at 4:00am
-Likely to suffer from a form of carpal tunnel syndrome of the index finger

Their facebook interactions
-Consist of post after post containing a link via reddit
-Posting continuing through all hours of the night
-Consist of nothing except reddit

Take caution in dealing with such individuals and viewing their spam so as to avoid joining their ranks and submitting oneself to the temptation that is reddit.
Facebook User 1:"Another post! This is the 6th philosoraptor in the past 10 minutes!"
Facebook User 2: "Man, that Jesse kid sure is a reddict."
by maydaylvr3 May 13, 2011
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