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To sum up a discussion composed largely of useless bullshit.
Person 1: "Tell me how the staff meeting went."
Person 2: "Allow me to recrap..."
by B. S. August 29, 2007
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What you have to do when you just can't get it all out on the first try. Most often occurs when you need to take a dump, but you don't want to be late for something, so you try to make it as quick as possible. Also may occur if you are constipated.
Guy1: Hey, so how'd it go?
Guy2: I dunno man, I may have to recrap later.
by Edwardo Restiyf March 10, 2010
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To recap information that is useless, inane or simply bad.
"Thank you for wasting the last ninety minutes of my life with that ridiculous presentation, and then having the gall to "recrap" it for us"
by coining buttress October 18, 2011
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A New Years recap of the (crappy) year. Recrap.
by JoeNJ2 December 31, 2014
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To take a dump, shove it back in and take a dump again.
I just did a massive recrap last hour.
by Majesticuni May 19, 2015
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