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is beautiful, wonderful, and very intelligent. likes to talk but never likes to lead. good taste in music, always likes to be with people she knows. truthful thoughtful affectionate sympathy and apologetic. impatient and very clumsy, can get very annoying at times.The Vulgate (Latin) form of biblical Rebekah; Hebrew רבקה (Rivkah), "enchantingly beautiful", "captivating". her personality is unique in many ways, and she is open minded to new opinions. will always fight for her side of the argument, even if she knows she admitted defeat. likes to manipulate. very talented, usually artistic and creative, if you are dating one or know one, you are very lucky ad should cherish her.
wow did you see that beautiful girl,i think her name is rebekka
by senesko osuma September 27, 2010
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She's a total catch! Fun-loving, super sweet, weird (but in a good way!), totally not afraid to be herself, and super sexy! She is usually a Redhead or Blonde, and ALWAYS has a SUPER SWEET smile and laugh! Rebekka is (academically) smart, courageous, and very well-taught. She strives for greatness and is very humble. She loves animals, nature, and video games! Rebekka has the body of a goddess, even though she usually doesn't think so herself. Overall, she is a total package and shouldn't have to put up with all of the shit people give her for being the hair color she is (I'm looking at you, Blondes and Redheads!)!
(1)Woof, dayum! Did you see that chick!? She's SO SMOKIN'!
(2)Oh, I know her, dawg! Her name's Rebekka.
(1)Dude, should I go look up her name on Urban Dictionary or somethin'?
(2)Yeah, it explains a lot.
(1)Hand me yo phone so I can look it up!
by DatSexahGurl November 29, 2013
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