A vague measurement of time, typically applied to delivery of a software project. It is used sarcastically, to indicate that the product has missed one or several promised delivery dates, and rather than embarrassing themselves by announcing and missing another deadline, the developer is simply saying it will be ready "real soon now." When someone says a product is due out "real soon now" chances are they really don't expect it any time soon. Also abbreviated as RSN.
First they told us that the product would be done end of first quarter, then they changed it to late second quarter, and since we're well into the fourth quarter, we can expect to see it real soon now.
by Evac156 February 22, 2005
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A term used in software engineering to define a period of time before a promised feature or bugfix will be released. The period of time is usually, “Never.”
We'd like to thank all or users for their patience and forbearance during really difficult time, and we'd like to announce that all the feature requests and critical bugfixes will be released Real Soon Now™.
by tariqk December 6, 2021
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