Rudy recently got a Vauxhall Zafira with an automatic transmission so I disowned him and told him to come back when he got a real car with a manual transmission.
by thicc keroyer May 1, 2019
Any automobile that makes over 400 Wheel Horsepower
"If your car makes less than 400 at the wheels excluding the miata of course is it even a real car?"
by PupilGang May 27, 2018
a true high-performance sport compact car, as opposed to economy cars. these cars actually perform, or have potential to be tuned to such a state. they usually are more expensive. they might be domestic or imported.

visually customizing these cars actually holds water because they perform.
Real tuner car list
Dodge Neon SRT4
Honda Prelude
Acura TL Type-S
Nissan Skyline
Honda NSX
Nissan 350Z
Nissan Fairlady 300ZX
Honda Civic Si (Yes, they ARE tuners!)
The act of being extremely fly, doing unexpected/extraordinary things. Going above and beyond, balling out of control. Doing it cars real big, house real big is having an excessive amount of panache. Doing it bigger than anyone already has.
OC, Last weekend I was with my boy Juicy J; he brought down seven girls for the two of us, and ten bottles for the night; everytime he throws it down, he's doin' it cars real big, house real big.

We be doin it cars real big, house real big, know what I'm saying? I just put that 52" flat screen on lock, got five kegs on their way, hired 10 strippers, and rented out the prezidential suite baby!
by oC PreZidential December 26, 2005