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a hot girl that is your best friend your flirt buddy, your plush toy and a teddy bear to you.
boy: you're so rayane

girl: thanks!! =)

boy: *poke* *hug*
by brownieboy smith December 08, 2010
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The name derives from the Arabic Rayane rayyan term meaning "beautiful" or " bloom " . It can also be seen as a variant of Ryan Welsh name which means " little king " .Signification first name
Girl: Isn't this boy rayane?
Friend: Yes, he is in fact.
by Anonymous121317 December 09, 2014
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A smoking hot guy with girls following his every move. People that don't love him hate him because of his personality. He is very fit and usually has nice abs and melting eyes. Often referred as a compliment to someone cared about deeply
Omg look at that guy he's such a rayane
by Soccerisbae November 14, 2016
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a small French boy who can be very annoying. many people often refer people with small penises a rayane.
"hahaha look at him he's got a rayane!!"
by anonymous272 June 11, 2013
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