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The word is a portmanteau, derived from "rape" and "own," and is a reminiscent of the earlier deliberate or accidental creation, "rwn"
"lets go rawn some cunts"

"ill rawn you in the face"

"that bitch got rawned"
by rofles January 26, 2007
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Verb, Mid-South Weeaboo Slang, originated from RAWR; meaning to roar, but also interpreted as something between a yawn and a roar.
A lion lets out a big Rawn to say hi.
by Abyssal Burt October 20, 2010
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A genuine yawn.

Antonym: fauxn
*Person 1 yawns*
Person 2: Was that a fauxn or a rawn?
Person 1: I swear it was a rawn.
by mynoduespseudonym July 08, 2017
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