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The pronounced version of rofl, used when the user is very bored and can think of nothing else to use.
Dude1: Dude, I just scored with Janine.
Dude2: Dude, shes a guy.
by NastyNate December 29, 2003
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A "rawfle" is what you get when your friends are rolling around on the floor laughing, you drop an anvil on them to stop, and the anvil squishes them into a waffle.

Therefore, a "rawfle".
(On chat...)

Kristy: roflmao
Alexa: Do you want me to turn you into a rawfle?

(Kristy then proceeds to log off)
by Kisira McCartney March 13, 2008
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Another use of the word "ROFL". However, the word has been extended using the words we hear when we say 'ROLF'. For instance, raw-f-le, Raw-fol. People often use this for no reason when chatting to friends on an 'Mmmorpg' or chatroom.
Guy 1: Hey, i just pwned a level 34, i'm only 29
Guy 2: Hahaha, omg what a noob Rawfle
by Gary petrelli December 03, 2007
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