1. Short for "Hood Rat" which is a girl who has slept with several guys from her neighborhood

2. A furry little beady eyed rodent that carrys diseases and consumes shit to sustain itself. It has no purpose to most and should immediately be shot or lit on fire if spotted

3.) A staple of Indian cuisine

4.) A person who tells on someone who has commited a crime. See Narc

1.) Shonda slept with her neighbors Mike, Kyle, Ronny, Jason, Renzo and Lisa .. She's such a rat.


Guy 1: Dood! Check out that big ass rat sitting on the fence!

Guy 2: Yeah, we should totally shoot it!

Guy 1: Hell yeah! *cocks guns*

3.) This curry chicken is delicious! I never knew rat could taste so good!

4.) Guy 1: Johnny told the shrieff that Bob was selling crack now bob is locked up.

Guy 2: Johnny is such a rat.. Lets exterminate him like one..

Guy 1: Hell yeah! *cocks gun*
by IHateYouXoXo May 10, 2009
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A R-A-T is a son of a bitch who just acts like a fag. They can be a snitch, a bitch, or any1 who gets in your way and acts like an idiot embarassing you or your frends.
Why are you actin like a little R-A-T?
Stop fucking around R-A-T.
by mutha fucker February 20, 2006
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Some one who tries to look cute but, when they do it they look like a rat or some kind of rodant.
used as a verb.
When Giana is around Derek she rats all the time!
by Julies McDougles Synopalis April 27, 2006
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1.Some one who narks usually with the first name Tony and likes pasta
2.a defensless creature who lives in ghetto towns and feeds of old food
1.Hey Tony you rat now i have to kill you, you shouldn't have messed with the forelli family
2.hey look its a rat eatin our milk/cottage cheese let bust a cap in it's uglay grey ass
by TJ muenzie A.k.A Tigit/tito February 24, 2004
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An employee of Cornered Rat Software creators of World War Two Online.
We are the wad of Mo!
by SmackD March 20, 2004
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