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To engage in wrestling an animal or individual with the odds of winning overwhelming in your favor;

To participate in a savage physical conflict in which one's opponent faces insurmountable odds and almost certain defeat.
Me and ol' Billy Joe spent the day out in the bayou rastlen' dem swamp crocs. When I got my gun in han' they aint never had a chance in duh world;

For example: rastleing would describe a situation in which a person is using an extraordinary excessive amount of firepower to utterly obliterate a small harmless woodland creature.
by Jordan T! August 12, 2011
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To drink for days on end in cheap pubs populated by 'rastlers' (servere alcoholics)
rastling, rastler, rastled.

"I went out rastling last week and rastled for three days! I told myself I wouldn't rastle again this week, but look at me now: I'm in a shit pub, surrounded by old rastlers, Snoop Doog is on the jukebox, and I'm gonna be rastling 'til the cows come home."
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by Peencil February 26, 2017
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