rascalion in old dictionaries, both are acceptable.
Archaic now and sometimes does not appear in some modern dictionaries.
There is no definitive etymology, but it is assumed to be associated with the word rascal.
n. 1. A low, mean wretch; a rogue; villain; mischievous; same as rascal.
n. 2. now disused, replaced by rapscallion.

and to the guy that thought it's a word combination of rascal and stallion, why are you even speaking?
The girls around Caledonia always fell for his charm and humor, but he always stole their hearts and broke them. Eventually his reputation as a rascallion caught up with him, and left him a lonely, dejected bachelor who didn't get invited to the parties any longer.
by The Bushwacker May 15, 2016
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