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An exclamation used to express (often carnal) desire for, or approval of, something; usually used in regard to an attractive person.
May be accompanied by a hand motion resembling a claw, like that of a jungle cat.
Girl #1: Look at that waiter!
Girl #2: Rarr....
by honolua January 14, 2006
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a very random word which your randomly use when you've run out of things to say or you want to break the silence... or the sound of an angry moose. (or tiger)..(or lion)..
person1:: hi
person2:: hello
person1:: how are you?
person2:: great, you?
person1:: good thanx...
person2:: ........rarr!
by zee February 01, 2004
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a word that is commonly used by people with only half a brain and who cannot think of any other thing else to say.
Scarlett:hey kara!
Kara: hey scarlett!
Marie:hey kara AND scarlett!
All 3: RARR!!
by sCaRlEtT April 14, 2004
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