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A certain type of van with no windows on the sides, usually from the 70's or 80's, and in poor asthetic condition. Implies that it is the type of ride often chosen by a rapist.
"How's Tony gonna pick up any trim driving around in that damn rape van!"
by titmouse August 01, 2006
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A rapevan is a tool for rapists which is used to commit the act of rape upon captive citizens. Targets include, but is not limited to: Those who are walking home alone at night, young children, and people who are too drunk to realize they're getting drilled in the ass in the back of a rusty van.

When you see a van driving by you slowly when you're alone at night, it may be a good idea to run; but by that time, it's probably too late.
Rapevan, rapevan, rapevan, rapevan! Spermis has got a rapevan, he's gonna rape you in the ass. He's gonna catch you with your pants down for some love in the underpass. And if you're underage, all alone, be afraid 'cause you ain't coming home! Spermis has got his rapevan, he's gonna rape you in the ass! Now check out that pimp-ass rape van, it's got everything you need! Some sawdust, entrenching tools, and a big ol' bag of leaves. And if you're stumbling home after the dance, oh my god you haven't got a chance! Spermis has got his rape van, he's gonna rape you in the ass!" - Excerpt from a very knowledgeable song about...rapevans.
by Spermis June 04, 2007
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A late night bus implemented in many college campuses which stops at bars and dark parking lots for the purpose of transporting students safely back to campus. It's name derives from it's supposed acclaim as a tool to prevent rape in college communities.
I was so drunk on the rapevan that the driver had to pull over and let me out to puke.
by muse xhaxer January 21, 2007
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