a genre of music. usually hated by rich white people who dont even know what poverty is. i must say to most of you rock fans, rap fans almost never say anything about rock, yet u try to demean rap with the most pathetic excuses to support your favorite music which are all based on STEREOTYPES. let me name a few:

1) "rappers can't sing, so they speak" (THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO SPEAK! ITS POETRY!)

2) "rappers always talk bitch about sex, drugs, violence" (STEREOTYPE!!! and it is not true. i can already name one who doesnt: kanye west)

3) "the music is not natural" (who gives a fuck?) remember rock fans, a guitar is natural, not an electric guitar that is fucked up by that distorted sound

4) "rappers moan about their lives" WRONG. alot of rappers are positive, every rock song i listen to is about negative shit (even though The Used scream and dont even ryhme and the music disorients me, i admire them for thier deepness into music) a funny thing is that most rappers are raised in poverty and so were The Used.
two people are fighting about which music is better:

1st guy: i like rock

2nd guy: i like rap

1st guy: you suck, why do you listen to that garbage, who cares about those blacks and thier poverty?

2nd guy: hey, The used is a rock band and they were raised in poverty too

1st guy: why do you listen to people talking about sex, drugs, violence


1st guy: well, rockers have talent to play thier own instruments

2nd guy: ya, but they need eachother to play together, otherwise they cant play, but lyricists and rappers dont need anybody, the talent is in thier lyrics and mind, unlike rockers who dont need a brain to scream, slam on drums, and smash guitars after a concert! at least rap has a beat and rythm!

1st guy: uhhh... well... only niggas make rap, white people make rock and they are superior (similar to what most people post on the website)

2nd guy: wtf
by america is fucked July 18, 2005
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A music genre that is highly dis-respected because it is considered a genre that glorifies things that are wrong in the world. But, I have a message to people who believe that: Its only people like 50 Cent who administers impressions like that.

Its gangster rap you should be hating on, not the general rap... Like Kayne West, Common, and K-os, and many other artists who are disrespected just because its rap.
Why you all hating on rap?
Saying it ain't music, and calling it crap
It takes skills to bust out rhymes
and it all ain't about drugs, women, and crime
If you still have problems, then look up a Mr. Kanye West
Listen to a few of his tracks, and you'll agree he's the best
But don't hate if you have problems with MC's
All we're asking is to show them some love, please
Maybe 50 showed you rapping at its worst
Its people like him that making the rap game cursed
I only started liking rap about 2 months back
If you don't like my tastes, then don't give me any slack
Looking at the rhymes I'm busting at this very moment
It ain't anything gangsta, so don't give me any torment
No one said you had to share my idea of good music
But all this hate towards rap is making me lose it
I know some of you like your rock artists
But,don't go hatin on rappers, saying they retarded
Look at me, I'm rappin right now, and I ain't mental

I can be aggresive about this, but right now i'm being gentle
If any of yall want to hate, don't follow bad stereotypes
Look around, you'll see MC's come in all types
You see what I just did? I rapped completely opposite of how you all defined the rap game
I don't care what you say after I'm done, I'm still going
to show rap love, all the same.
by MC911 March 08, 2006
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musical application of poetry, usually associated with the hardships of life and emotional grievances. Started up as early as the Beats (i.e. Kerouac and Cassidy) began using more experimental forms of poetry, and since has transgressed into modern pop and underground culture.
"If I could show you, you would never leave it." --Atmosphere, the most beautiful combination of music and poetry
by Chris February 01, 2003
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Obviously all white, rock loving, rednecks, wrote about 95% of all these pathetic, judgemental definitions. Obviously all those people listened to a little bit of music from 50 Cent for about 1 minute, and officially said: "Rap is full of shit, its not music, its just talking, no talent, and its all about drugs, sex, violence, gangs, guns, rape, money, hoes, pimps, and all that shit."

That is Buuulllllshiiiit! 50 Cent has no talent anymore. So stop listening to 50 Cent and saying this is fake ass bullshit.

These assholes need to listen to some 2Pac, Eminem, and Jay-Z. 2Pac made a song called: Keep Ya Head Up. Its very postive and has nothing at all to do with drugs, sex, and violence. Eminem made a song: Mockingbird. Nothing involving drugs and sex. Jay-Z made a song: December 4th. All about his life, and a very nice song. All abosolutely clean of everything people assume is in rap. I hate it when people who have never even listened to at the most, 2 minutes of rap in their whole lifetime, assume that its always negative. Plus rapping is a lot more than just talking. And it does require talent. To be rapping is to be rhyming poetry very quickly and loudly, to a beat, in a rhythm (which is the hardest part), in a stressed to unstressed form.

Now how can you call that JUST talking?

Writing good lyrics and making good beats are very hard and essential to an excellent rap song.
Rap is music. Very real and entertaining.
by aguynamedandy July 28, 2005
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The genre that non-talented "musicians" perform. Consists of talking over a beat, half of which are the same. Can not be quite called music, but almost an art form. Most people who listen to rap have no idea what good music is.
"I like rap for the beat"
"... doesn't all music have a beat? Not saying that rap is music..."

Not saying that anyone can rap, but anyone can talk, and anyone can rhyme words, sooo...
by Cats in Hats & Hats in Cats December 12, 2010
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