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1. A fucking insult to real hip-hop.

2. A ignorant nigga's or a wigger's visual dream: Half-naked models with no morals and no intelligence saturated in baby oil and shaking their asses; diamonds, platinum, and gold in abundance; name brand clothes in abundance, luxury sport cars usually owned by the record label or MTV, mansions that are probably owned by a family who was kicked out and paid to be sent away for a week just so the video could be shot in the house, computerized sparkles in order to make the bling more shiny...last but not least, so much money is put into these videos at the risk of senior citizens losing money for social security.

3. Any urban party where ghetto fabulous losers like to attend just so they can be seen in their leased Porsche (that they actually live in) wearing Gucci suits. These parties sell brands of alcohol seen in rap videos (see hypnotiq, alize, henessey), every girl that comes to these parties are dressed like video vixens, every guy is dressed like a bootleg hip-hop mogul, and then there is your random group of uber-losers dressed in white tees, fitted caps and ice cream gym shoes. These parties last 'til two or three in the morning and usually end with guys standing next to their cars in the parking lot in order to get girls' attention.

In other words: Pathetic, materialistic, poor-rich losers.
1. A music video is a music video. A rap video is a whole other category by itself.

2. The small Georgia town is $8 billion dollars in debt due to the cost of the rap video featuring Ludacris, TI, Ying Yang Twins, Lil' Wayne and Mike Jones. Now the residents are living in immense poverty, famine and depression. Some people even sold their children's organs in order to have a decent Thanksgiving dinner.

3. Radio Announcer: Everybody come down to the Grown&Sexy Dress2Sweat Freak-On, Friday night at Club Alize! Fellas 21 and up! Ladies get in free before 11! Come dress to impress! Don't come dress to depress!

Me: Your typical rap video party.
by twistedbabydoll August 18, 2007
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In Mother Russia, rap video is slang for making gay pr0n
Bronst and Vikktor made a rap video last night after dancing in the snow.
by ouareaqueer January 03, 2010
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a good platform for supercar advertisement! Great soundtrack!
Marketing manger at production plant somewhere in Germany " Lets make a rap video for the new launch!"
by ratatatatatatat July 27, 2016
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