Verbal placeholder for "Rad".
Originated from 'Rango 4 dango', and shortened to 'Rango'

Objects or events can be catagorized as:
Rango Approved- it is rango.
Rango Denied- it is not rango.
Rango by Default- it is so rango that it need not be questioned.
Dag, thats a rango pimpcane, Nip.

Michael Moore was killed in a freak bacon cooking accident? RANGO APPROVED!
by Nip June 16, 2004
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The common incident when two people are trying to walk past each other in opposite directions and the efforts of one to move out of the way is unintentionally matched by the other thus continuing the impasse.
Wow, I had the longest rango with this guy on my walk to work this morning, we moved the same way about five times.
by DaveGravox February 16, 2011
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An Italian males name short for franco, he is a cinematographer. Hes equipped with a phantom 4 drone, a mirrorless cameras, and a dji Ronin carbon fiber edition at all times. Rangos migrates between two natural habitats, Las Vegas and goleta California. If you see an Italian driving a white Mercedes it’s probably RANGO.
Rango make sure you get this shot.
Rango your car is shitty

Ragu your speakers suck
How was that wedding you filmed ragu
by The creator of rango February 22, 2019
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A slang (sometimes offensive) term for people with red hair. It is taken from the word "Orangutan", an ape with red hair. This term is synonymous with "redhead" and "ginger".

Legend tells that this term was created by students in schools that had banned the use of the term "ginger" as a response to incidents that occurred on Kick a Ginger Day.
Jarett: Did you hear about Kick a Ginger Day? How'd the word "ginger" come about anyway?
Hayden: I don't know, but I call 'em "rangos".
Jarett: Rangos? Why?
Hayden: It's short for Orangutan.
Jarett: Haha, I'll have to remember that one.
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