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The greatest living wrestler ever to live and/or wrestle at the same time. After starring in hit films such as "Spiderman" and "Elbow Drop III: The Revenge of VJ" he has diversified into theater and performing art.

His experiences in the second world war helped him to defeat his arch enemy Hulk Hogan. Mr Savage commented that his climactic no-holds-barred match with Adolf Hitler (who had just defeated Captain America in a titanic struggle) during the summer of 1971 in Brazil; it was a turning point in his wrestling career. Although the match was marred with controversy (some critics alleged that Savage should never have been allowed to tag Mr T in) it made him a celebrity.

Savage has inspired many popular songs, including "Raining Blood" by thrash metal band Slayer and "Macho Man" by The Village People. He is known to use the word "crease" a little too much to be entirely normal.
"Randy Savage totally creased that punk Hogan. I've never seen such a horrific creasing in my life."

"I would say that Randy 'Crease' Savage is my personal hero. Oh pardon me I just creased my pants."

by pissbag November 28, 2007
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The explicit act of forcing one's unshaven penis into a woman's mouth to perform rawdog felatio followed by a most vicious elbow drop to the top of the her head. Such an act is best followed by the consumption of a Slim Jim.
Junior found the drunkest girl at the frat party and gave her a Randy Savage after he saw a Wrestlemania VIII video.
by Renoxication June 17, 2007
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