Whatcha ya gonna do brother, when the 24" pythons and Hulkamania run wild on you!?
by Marquiz May 7, 2003
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More of a force of nature than a tangible object. Hulkamania began in the early 1980's when relative newcomer to the World Wrestling Federation, Hulk Hogan, defeated the Iron Sheik for the WWF (now WWE; the "E" stands for "Entertainment") World Heavyweight Championship. Since the Iron Sheik was hated for being "Iranian" (the United States had their problems with Iran at this time, and making wrestlers into the nationalities that Americans hated was the style at the time; however some weren't even of the nationality they were labeled as), Hogan's defeat of the Iron Sheik begun a new era in the WWF, the era of Hulkamania.

Hulk Hogan's immense popularity and limitless fan base (called Hulkamaniacs) turned the heads of Mankind, opening their eyes to liking professional wrestling again.

Over 20 years old, Hulkamania is still running wild today, and may only die when The Hulkster himself does... But even then, who knows?
There was this guy who used to go to all of Hulk Hogans matches, no matter where he went. He even dressed like Hulk Hogan! This guy, whose name I don't know, HE'S the ultimate Hulkamaniac (not to be mistaken for Dave Sullivan).
by Asura October 26, 2004
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His fans are known as Hulkamaniacs. He is arguabally the most influencial superstar in the great American sport of pro wrestling. He is Hulk Hogan (known as jusy Hollywood Hogan due to legal reasons). It is a force greater than anything seen in Star Wars. He made the WWE (when it was known as the more popular WWF) the great organisation that it is today. Hulkamania lives on whether Hogan is a babyface or a heel. It thrives on huge crowds, ripping of shirts, title belts, punches, kicks, legdrops, saying prayers, drinking milk, and taking vitamins. You can tell if Hulkamania is near by if you hear the song "real american" or Jimi Hendrix's Vodoo Chile. Brother.
by Slim Jim January 21, 2005
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Phrase used by pro wrestler Hulk Hogan. Also an unstoppable, inpenetrable force
by Dagon January 11, 2005
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HULKAMANIA is the strongest force in the universe. To be a HULKAMANIC you have to believe in yourself and that Hulk Hogan will take you to the promise land. The colors red and yellow must pump from the heart threwout the whole body. You need to bleed red and yellow. HULKAMANIA WILL LIVE FOREVER.
When you see Hulk Hogan in a wrestling ring or anywhere you go crazy and get goosebumps. That is Hulkamania !
by Jerry Chimento September 1, 2008
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