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Alcoholic drink ordered at high end and dive bars. Always 6 shots Jameson, 1 shot ginger ale, 6 ice cubes, served in a pint glass. Always priced under $10 and always well tipped on... win:win for both parties, your liver is the only loser.
Dude 1: “Let’s get smashed tonight dude!”
Dude 2: “How... I’ve only got $28?”
Dude 1: “Perf let’s grab 2 Ralph specials and we’ll be good for the night”
Dude 2: “Last time we did that I woke up in the neighbors yard... fuck it I’m in”

Bartender: “What’ll it be gentlemen?”
Dude 1&2: “Two Ralph Specials my man and keep the change
Bartender: “Oh... you boys are in for a fucking nuts night”
Dude 1&2: “Excellent”
by Korbin Dalla$ May 20, 2018
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