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A couple who love each other very much, they spend almost every moment together. They fight often, but always make up. In the end they are perfect.
Sam and destiney are so ralas
by S Bailey March 29, 2015
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a Ra'La has an amazing personality, and is very clumsy. She fights for what she wants even tho she might be small. She has a very big heart and is open to love anyone
That's a Ra'La right there.
by G-Handle February 11, 2017
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A basic horny white girl that doesn’t know how to dance
Oh my god have you seen how she dances , she’s such a rala
by Beyonce_themes_IG May 14, 2018
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The Spanish version of LOL. To LOL is to Laugh Out Loud as where RALA is to Reír A Lo Alto. Usually used by Spanglish speaking individuals.
Oh my gawd, si le viste la cara de asustada? It was so funny! RALA !
by ja_cerv June 07, 2018
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