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Term for brand new American naval recruits the first few weeks of boot camp at the Great Lakes (Chicago, IL) Recruit Training Center (RTC). The term comes about as new recruits start off wearing black watch caps (knit stocking caps) instead of the classic white "dixie cup" hat of the traditional US Navy enlisted man.
Man, those raisin heads sure are a sorry bunch.
by fugitive October 04, 2004
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SLANG for FERRET since ferrets love raisins.
I won't give up my raisin head, so I cannot move to California or Hawaii -- the only 2 states where ferrets are illegal.
by Bruce Majors May 05, 2009
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a afro dude who hides raisins and bombs in his head often tells frogs pigs chairs fat justin beibers and chairs to fuck off sleeps in his head like willys trumped
Raisin head

duck : hey wanna go back out with piggy

afro raisin : fuck off
duck : what

raisin : fuck off
frog : hows ur day

raisin : fuck off
fuck u then
by red riding whore September 03, 2012
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