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A photo taken through raindrops or a downpour of rain on glass (usually a vehicle window, but could be a household window or shower door). Often I would see a pretty scene, and the only way to try the shot would be through the rained on windshield of my truck. I got some very unique and painterly looking images. The rain would never fall exactly in that amount, speed or direction in between me and that scene ever again. Instead of cursing the rain for ruining my desired shot, I came to enjoy the effect. Many of my photos taken through rain on glass looked like paintings, but they weren't. I coined the word rainting.
It was far from an ordinary looking photo with its flowing look, but it was straight out of the camera. She photographed the rain on her windshield as it was actively painting the pink cherry trees on the Court House Lawn beyond. The look was so artistic, shiny and fluid that is was as if the rain were doing a painting of the scene; a rainting was born. She merely photographed it.
by Poppy Doodle June 12, 2018
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