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A female with akind heart and unknow knowlegde, never knowing whats on her mind or what shes going to next . one with a bright futre in helping others. this female will have big feature in eyes or eyelashes and butt or ass. one of a kind person
damn that raihana's got a nice ass

raihana you have got eveything going for you
by pumpkin657 January 12, 2012
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The world's largest indecisive, slim female with large facial features (like a nose, ears and eyes)who silently endures painful experiences and is profoundly in-tune with the in depth workings of the human mind and heart.A very intellectual, philosophical being talented in the arts and is strongly motivated by a happy ending. A publicly very contained individual who is very gentle and has the ability to be quite loving but secretly has a egregious temper inside of a mind that is constantly under siege by rage, confusion and doubt and gets hurt easily but won't show it. STRONGLY affected by jealousy and deems self to be unimportant. Desires to be loved by the ones she loves and wants to positively affect everyone she meets.
oh look it's a raihana! she' weird:S
by bella canzona March 04, 2010
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