Usually, a car with a folding fabric (canvas, vinyl, etc.) top, ie, slang for "convertible".

Also refers to a pre-1964 VW Beetle with a fabric sunroof, to distinguish it from the later metal sunroof models from 1964 on (also similar change on VW buses from 1967-68).
There's nothing like a ragtop with the top down for cruising around town on a warm evening.

Frank got one of those vintage-style aftermarket ragtops for his Beetle.
by JS Clark June 19, 2005
A derogatory term for Muslim extremists.
"Did you hear about the attack in Israel? It's was confirmed to be caused by the ragtops"
by Oradd Phoenix January 16, 2023
When a copulating couple decide that the woman wants to rub her vagina on her partners hair, leaving a wet patch or "snail trail" on his/her/they's head in order to derive pleasure.
I feel like I want to double ragtop you into submission.
See also - "are you down for a double ragtop"
by MissTS21 July 21, 2021
Red ragtop: a person that eats out a girl while they are on their period
I was going down on her but I was about to be on the front of that red ragtop road.
by Cajun hideaway May 25, 2017