Bro have you seen Elliot’s new ragoo?”
by Mattbro69 December 2, 2021
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A great way to ruin a Scrabble game.
Julie thought RAGOO was a pasta sauce.
by Dick Phuket January 14, 2008
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Something that you say when you’ve been deprived of so much sleep and touch that you can’t make sense of any words to say

Pronounced: Shag Rah-goo
Idk dude… I’m just feeling Shag Ragoo rn
by Shingamieyezz February 8, 2022
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Is a fake god made up to resist the far superior arkeegus
Person: praise ragoo
Arkeegus believer: thou shall be burned in the lake of fire if seen paising any other god but arkeegus
by Arkeegus disciple March 3, 2022
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