Something you call someone when you don't have an actual comeback to an arguement. Typically used by politcal hacks like Kelly Loeffler
"Do you have a rebuttal"

"Well you just heard Radical Liberal Raphael Warnock-"
by Tonyfromdablok December 10, 2020
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1. A pejorative term used by real leftists to describe someone who is not sufficiently socialist/communist

2. A pejorative term used by conservatives who are wrong and think that middle of the road liberals hold a radical position
1. Oh you watch Vowsh? You know he's just a rad lib right?

2. Radical Liberal Raphael Warnock wants people to healthcare, how could anyone support him?
by STEDThYP March 21, 2021
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A person who is so Extreme Left and Anti Trump they will disagree with anything Donald trump does and says even if he cured cancer and handed them a check for $10,000 he did it wrong
Karen Hates trump so much she’s Become a radicalized Liberal And wants everything for free and if you’re a Republican for Donald Trump you’re a racist
by Atom meatshaft D July 14, 2020
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