When shit happens that is uncalled for, fucked up and ridiculous. A straight cluster fuck. Also can be a person that is unorganized, being a asshole and just plain trifling.
Ex: Man that movie was butch racket.

Look at that bitch she is straight butch racket.

That party that we were at last night was so butch racket.
by Yo ran as whole April 17, 2016
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A business combination of extortion schemes controlled by a criminal syndicate. For the "promise" of security, significant sums of money are seized from persons, businesses, communities, or even nations. While the racketeer may in fact provide real protection, it is at a cost the victim would never voluntarily assume under normal circumstances. Often the promise of security is accompanied by a veiled threat.
"This is President Obama calling. Don't think of this as some kind of Protection Racket...think about it as life insurance. Your country has numerous external security threats. You are also very dependent on trade for continued economic growth. It would be terrible to experience a security failure in that part of the world. We stand ready to protect you against that kind of threat. But in order to do that we need about a billion dollars this week. Recognize we are partners in this now. It takes a village. We know we can count on your support.
by prophet matt February 2, 2011
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The undercover motha fuckas that be tryin to take all of your yaper when you hustling.....Usually dressed up as a hustla just like you....but right when you hand them your goods, they snatch your hand and call fo' back up.
Ey, yo Nigga Keep Yo Eye open fo the racket busters while i slang this shit.

Also in E-40's "Yay Area" song-

"Hustlers... On the look-out for the racket-busters, on the
look-out for the fools The racket-busters mean them people, them folks, them
by D-Tox 101 December 12, 2006
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To create a threat or a problem in the office, server, process, production, or design, and then gain notoriety, kudos and/or rewards for its reduction.
Office Racketeering: Arguing that several aspects of a safe and sound design will fail if certain conditions exist. Then after tasked with solving the problem, he/she goes on to prove that the problems have been resolved through some redesign that never occurred or re-evaluation, showing the conditions will never materialize. Given the time lag, he/she came up first as someone who found the problems, and later the one who solved them. He/she is nominated employee of the month.
by Cooper from Nob Hill September 30, 2011
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weapon of choice used for most teenage zombie slayers

The weird shaped racket used to sqash those pesky zombies roaming to EAT YOUR BRAINSSSS!!!!!!

The racket used to crack apart zombie balls that tend to fall off once they are dead.
"Watch out for that ZOMBIE!"
"Don't worry, I have my zombie racket!"

"Hey Becca, have you seen my zombie racket?"

"Watch out for those Zombies they might rape you"
"Zombie racket to the balls"
by Gorgondopalus May 13, 2010
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the tennis racket is used to play tennis, obviously
Hey, want to play some tennis?
Sure! Let me bring my tennis rackets!
by DJ NINJA9 November 6, 2020
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