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This is the condition which is all too common these days, often it involves a white kid, mostly the guys. Anyways the person inflicted with this mental defect tries to imitate a race that is not there own. Often the kid gets into the thug style of rap thinking its cool just because its modern. The kid then dresses like a thug, and acts like a thug, and even screws up his car by making it thugish. It is a terrible mental condition that is degenerating the country. It is not limited to imitation of the Black communities worst kind of people, nor is it limited to white people. Don't be retarded be proud of your race whether your white or black but act like something you ain't cause that is fake like most popstars' boobs. Racial confusion is also similar to gender confusion, boys shouldnt you their falsetto in a speaking voice and make their voice high pitched and airy.
Racial confusion occurs when....
White kids acting like black thugs or mexican thugs. Acting like any thug is retarded.
White kids acting like japanese ninjas or whatever, damn you pokemon and naruto.
Native Americans acting like japanese ninjas, or black or mexican thugs.
Heck it might even be wrong for them to act like white people, just be people.
by Shockwave the logical one July 30, 2010
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