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Most commonly a guy of amazing sexual talent, wide varieties of tongue movement, a swimmer's body and a look that can cause you to become excited and spring a new one of your jeans. They are great friends, passionate lovers, sensual kissers and will probably give you best fuck of your life. Nathon's should be cared for well because they are a rare find and will make you, your friends and possibly your parents bust their nut. He proudly knows how to use his body and tongue but well do anything to please their lover. He is faithful yet a powerful flirter yet with a cock the size of Illinois he'd make a great stripper.
Girl #1 "hey I can't wait to see Nathon!"
Girl #2 "you never told me his name was Nathon, I hear he will ride you like no other."
Girl #1 "yeah, that's what I'm hoping."

Gay Dude #1 "look at this guy I'm taking to."
Strait dude #2 "bro, he's hot. Score!"
by Manhattan1 December 11, 2011
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White,tall,doesn't give a shit. Believe's he is...big... also likes women with big boobs and a fine piece of ass, usually fucks them when their drunk or high.
Girl 1: Did you see Nathon today?
Girl 2: Yes, wasn't he big?
Girl 3: He didn't fit in me last night, it hurt a lot!
Girl 1: All I needed was a ciggarette after...
Girl 3: We went on for hours...
Girl 2: I guess it's my turn with Nathon tonight, I'm bringing a Cuban Cigar for afterwards.
by D_Shadow April 28, 2009
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