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A French gangster that wears a Lacoste cap, usually tight jeans or sweatpants; commonly mistaken for a fag, but often more dangerous than any gangsta you'll find in the States.
Holy fuck, man, that racaille just jacked all my shit and threatened 2 fuckin stab me!
by Max October 16, 2004
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A french slang for "hustla"or "thug".
The racailles come from da french ghettoS where they spend a hard knock life with their families and homies.
A racaille is often more dangerous than an amrican gangsta because they all keep training (boxing...) in or out of the french prisons. They live a real ghetto soldier life.
"hey George, don't take this way, there're a lot of racailles who control this area"
by Don Gizzzzle April 29, 2007
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A racaille is a French thug, usually of Arab origins, who is distinguishable by his clothes: a Lacoste cap, a collared t-shirt, bright coloured shell suit bottoms preferably tucked into nike socks, and a phone hanging from his neck.

Female Racailles do exist, but are not as abundant as males.
If the Racailles stopped buying the Lacoste collection, then our sales would plumit.

I wouldn't go to Chatelet-les-halles if I were you, you might get beaten up by some Racailles.
by La Parisienne March 06, 2006
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