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QWOP(pronounced KWOP) is a south African olympian runner whos low IQ technically qualifies him as mentally retarded. He is, however, not required to participate in the special olympics. QWOP is known for his persistance. Due to his low IQ, he doesnt have full control of his motor functions, therefore he can usually only move about .5 meters before falling over(source, Despite this handicap, QWOP refuses to use a wheel chair. Atleast... thats what we think. QWOP is unable to form coherent sentences, but due to his facial expression(s) it is assumed that he doesnt want a wheel chair.

In 2002, a study by the Pennsylvania state university on QWOP determined that his IQ is comparable to that of a 2 year old... rat.

QWOP has gained a cult following over the years. His people are very supportive. Fans have created a flash game in his honor hosted at It is used to help mentally retarded people procrastinate.
QWOP is going to win this time!
by capzorz November 19, 2008
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to take an unfortunate loss and turn of events.
"last night took an L, but tonight I bounce back" - Big Sean (2017)
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by urbansammy January 20, 2017
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Title that you give to someone that leaves unannounced on multiple occasions.
"OMG Olivier is such a qwop! He left unannounced to get his fishing rod out of his tree again!"
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by mmarquis2004 March 23, 2020
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QWOP is a simple flash game where kids can play, laugh and have fun with while learning the basics about the body and what it is capable of. It's very educating, and it'll make children understand how to run properly when they grow older.

We suggest parents to show this wonderful game to any little girl or boy they may think might want to run the Olympics someday.

The name "QWOP" is from the fact that you only need the keyboard letters Q, W, O and P to play.

(Note: The author of this post has been taking lithium after going in complete depression after playing QWOP. Side effects to this game may not vary. All reactions have been proven the same: an urge to hit a baby, having blue vision, eating their own shit, having uncontrollable periods {both male and female}, listening to static in a bright red room and/or randomly yelling at their neighbor's wall asking for a Twinkie. See a doctor if any child has these symptoms or if they start having other strange behavior after one minute of playing this flash game.)
QWOP is a game Chuck Norris can't even win.
by hyposane December 06, 2010
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A game that seems insanely hard, however it can be won with relative ease by pressing O and W at the beginning so that your runner looks like he's doing the splits, after that press Q and W alternating to move the runner forward; the way he runs will look stupid if you use this strategy and progress will be slow, but it is relatively easy to finish if you use this strategy (however, the hurdle at 50 m can be a little tricky and may take some trial and error to get past).
Guy 1: I just beat QWOP bitches!!!

Guy 2: You must be GOD!

Guy 1: Actually, it only took me a few tries, it's actually not that hard. All you have to do is get QWOP to do the splits and alternate between Q and W, although the hurdle at 50 metres can be a bit tricky.
by TurkTurkleton August 27, 2011
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The hardest game ever made.
Dude I think I failed my test today.

Couldn't have been as hard as QWOP.
by Etha777 (Really Etha7) December 08, 2010
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To Qwop-to flail your legs madly in what was never thought possible- until this day.

Qwopping-The act of Qwop

Qwopper: A Qwopee
by TheQwoppernator December 11, 2010
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