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noun: Penile flatulence (air or gas escaping from the penis through the urethra), a.k.a. a dick fart.

verb: To emit penile flatulence.

ETYMOLOGY: "Quofe" is the male form of queef.

NOTE: Quofes are a rare phenomenon compared to queefs because it is much harder for air to become stuck in a man's urethra than in a woman's comparatively larger vagina. Quofes occur most frequently after a catheter has been inserted into the penis and removed, leaving air trapped in the bladder or urethra.
After Reginald's catheter was removed, whenever he tried to piss, he would quofe and splatter urine everywhere.
by fauxbourdon December 05, 2005
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The masculine form of a queef.
Ha ha, my penis just quofed! Look at me, Im from Holland! Ha Ha!!
by Pie January 07, 2004
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guy 1: woah dude i just quofed!
guy 2: like a penis fart?
guy 1: yes!
by jshitver2k69 November 16, 2016
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