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A British Army term, slang for using one bullet of a sniper rifle to kill two men.

The term comes from the 1990 film Quigley Down Under in which the hero, played by Tom Selleck, uses an old Sharps rifle to devastating effect.
While Rifleman Osmand was stationed in the sandbox, he did a Quigley on two escaping Taliban riding a motorcycle.
by dbrow127 March 14, 2011
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Quigley is the term used describe a man who gets in to relationships with single mums so they can have access to their young children. bringing them up as their own then just before a 16th birthday sleeps with them. quigley's are also very family orientated but only with their own family thankfully as they would not look out of place in the wrong turn movies. The word Quigley is a ancient word derived from the word Quim & was first used in Greek mythology to describe the female reproductive organ .quigley's also have an unhealthy obsession with dairylea triangles they like to keep them under their foreskin as they believe the advert of the early 90s which used to say kids will do anything for dairylea
John you're one ugly cunt how have you managed to Quigley so many single mums on are housing estate ..John...dairylea my friend dairylea
by Catweazle 0.1 April 26, 2019
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A man or woman that is so gross that they bathe in mayo.
Quigley is disgusting and should not be allowed in anyone's house.
by Mike5421 November 14, 2013
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In order to perform a quigley one must first be a proud American.

To perform a "Quigley" is to lay prone on a flat surface like a bed or floor, and shit.

Once you have proudley shidded you must then push yourself backwards across the floor and over your proud shid making sure to cover yourself in the shid until eventually getting to your mouth where you will then proudly eat whatever is left of your shid.
"Hey that proud American over there just won't let up telling everyone how inferior they are for not doing everything exactly the same as America. I bet he quigley's himself at night"
by ZapelDeuce November 28, 2018
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Quigley is another way of saying c*nt, a**hole, b*tch, and all other foul words people call people to someone.

Used as an insult or in a negative way.
What a Quigley I ran into at the bar.

Boy do they look like a Quigley.

I heard Frank cheated on his wife.. what a Quigley am i right.
by floridaman420 May 27, 2018
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