When a male is pleasuring himself and last 30 sec. or less.
Justin was referred to as Quick draw mcgraw because he was a premature ejaculater.
by troublemaker9875 May 15, 2010
The act of blowing your load prematurely in one's pants and/or boxer briefs due to minimal excitement from a male or female.
Nicholaus R Blanchard of Monroe NH quick draw mcgrawed in his boxers due to minimal excitement from a snaggle toothed individual who later turned out was his cousin, he praised god for this premature miracle.
by nifkinisabitch June 8, 2010
When you are having sex, doggy style with a female. When she is not looking, with your index finger pointed out and thumb cocked like a pistol, lick your index finger and ram it up her asshole, thus giving her suspense and catching her off guard. This is known as "Quick Draw Mcgrawin".
Last night i was fucking this bitch, and when she was about to cum, i Quick Draw Mcgrawed her, and she screamed and came. It was funny as hell
by AlphaBush April 2, 2010
The act of after having sex with a condom on you get up with the excuse of getting water or food, take two or three steps, ripping the condom off and chucking it at her face. This takes great skill, aim and quick reflexes.
And after we were done i Quick Draw Mcgrawed that bitch.

Nick is such an ass, after he fucked me he got to get something to drink and Quick Draw Mcgrawed me.
by The Loveboat Captian November 2, 2009
when two men go back to back, take three paces, turn back and first one to splooge on the other wins.
Dude lets settle this with a Quick Draw Mcgraw
by sillywilly October 29, 2007