a penis with a unusually small helmet that grows wider towards the base.
Dude, you should have seen the queen ant this guy had. I thought it was a parking cone.
by Copie Boy November 4, 2002
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A modern phenomena of lying in bed all day doing jack shit (due to exhaustion, severe hangover or simply resentment towards society) while a series of delivery people bring you sustenance like worker ants to a bloated queen.
Delivery driver: Here is your fourth order of the day.
Person ant queening; loud belching, panting, retreating
Delivery driver: Happy ant queening, see you in a few hours for dinner.
by Bumhurt January 11, 2019
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A cute little insect that grow colony's and make great pets, and when you get one you just wanna shrink down and fuck her.
Last weekend I bought a shrink machine and had Oral Sex with my ant queen and her workers.
by RedMoth27 December 9, 2018
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