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In the American legal system "queen for a day" refers to written documents that are designed to create a potential mutually beneficial arrangement with the federal government and a person of interest regarding a criminal investigation. The concept of a "queen for a day", more commonly known as proffer agreements permit the accused individual to disclose to authorities key points of knowledge to crimes committed by that person and/or others, with implied assurance that said knowledge will not be used against them in later proceedings.

More precisely it facilitates a symbiotic relationship by giving prosecutors a sample of the individual's knowledge that in turn provides the accused leverage to bargain with for something such as a lesser sentence or immunity in regards to the whole of the investigation.
I'm just glad I had enough shit to feed the feds on everyone else for that robbery we pulled.

If it wasn't for my "queen for a day" deal with them I'd be doing 50 years instead of 5.
by crapboobscrap September 02, 2012
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An inadvertently culturally lampooning game show from the fifties and sixties that sought to recognize and reward the selfless everyday experiences of competing homemakers by gifting the most miserable and economically disadvantaged woman with prizes that allowed her to reign for one magical day before she returned to her real life to cook and clean on a higher plane with kitchen and washday appliances beyond her wildest dreams.
In 1962 my mom was crowned Queen For A Day for her commendable long suffering willingness to be our most beloved and highly expert in-house tutor, chef, maid and life coach.
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by Dr Bunnygirl August 29, 2019
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