A person who has sex with men, women, animals, and shrubbery.
Wow, Konrad is a total quad-sexual!
by WG Lizzle January 13, 2008
person attracted to men, women, animals, and plants
watch out for those quad sexuals man. they will fuck men, women, animals, even hump trees man.
by jmix0 June 18, 2009
Someone who is attracted to Trains, Planes, Fishing and Duck.


He's in the Quad-Sexual squad
by Imquad May 29, 2018
Not only likeing men, women, and your own self but likeing she males sexing themselves.Basically you lie dick in vagina, dick in dick, vagina in vagina, and vagina in dick.
Dude I'm so quad sexual. I just did your mom.
by joshmohoe February 25, 2008
A person who's sexual preference involves Males, Females, 4th dimensional beings and underages automobiles.
"Yo did you see that chick screwing that Toyota just then?"

"Yeah I have also seen her messing with 4 th dimensional beings."

"Huh, she might just be Quad-sexual"
by Blowboy6969420xD June 6, 2017