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in a first person shooter (mainly call of duty) it is the action of filling all four slots on the killfeed (tells who a person killed/ was killed by and what gun was used) with out anyone getting kills in the process of those four kills
person one: man i just hit a quad feed with the L96 sniper
person two: no way all i can get is a triple
by yodoshow February 27, 2012
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1. n. In a Call of Duty game, when in multiplayer all four killfeed slots are filled with the same player's name.
It is an accomplishment to be proud of.

3. v. (uncommon) to feed four animals (or humans) at the same time. Not so much to be proud of.

John: %@#! I just got a Quad-Feed twice in this game!!!
Jack: !@#!@#! I wish I could be half as cool as you!!!


Jack: Dude! I just fed my dog, my two cats, and my hamster at the same time!
John: EWWW! you still keep animals?
by CallOfDutyExpert May 09, 2012
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In all Call of Duty games as of 2017 you are able to kill 4 Opfor player's and have it show up in the "kill feed" where it shows all player's names and who they killed, the info shown in the "kill feed" changes from game to game but all show both player's names, the killer player and the killed player. If one player kills 4 Opfor player's and there name is shown 4 times in the "kill feed" without any other player's usernames in the way it is a Quad feed.
Is that a quad feed? holy shit.
by @PenguinXboi October 13, 2017
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