a garbled image that has to be scanned to reveal text, images or a website link.
used for promotions, emails, or item links. can also be used for ARGs (very, very rare).
Sure Dan, let me use my phone's QR Code scanner so that we can see the website link that is hidden inside the image.
by pivotman319 October 16, 2015
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Joe: My game came with a QR Code!
Everyone else: No one gives a fuck!
by TheRussianWolf69 October 25, 2019
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QR Code is what many men do to mark their territory!

A QR code is when a man takes his semen and rubs it across someones teeth
Carl: Yo Jacob, I just QR Coded this girl!
Jacob: Man, that’s nasty!
The girl: *smiles*
by aStonedSoviet December 16, 2021
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The thing that is square made up of lots of messy squares that you scan, like a bar code with more uses.

Also the best youtube channel made by a toxic shit head on the platform, and you should subscribe.
I used my qr codes to get to the youtube channel called qr codes.
by qr codes February 7, 2019
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The red qr code is a japanese urban legend, so nothing to worry about! They say that if you scan a red qr code, you will be taken to a video that shows your own death. Most of the deaths are tragic, such as getting hit by a train. None other information other than this will be given, as that is the decision chosen. You will have to find more information about it on your own!
Michael: I just found a red qr code bro!

George: Uh... Don't worry about it, let's get going!
by Marii1ii November 21, 2021
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