Outdated version of the BASIC programming language which came packaged with Windows version 3.1.

The language provided an easy way to create graphics, though limited to 4-bit colors and 640 by 480 resolution.

Although the "Q" stood for "quick" the only thing quick thing about QBASIC was the time to program. The language was interpreted, rather than compiled, severely retarding program execution speed.

The language is still adequate for novice programmers. However, learners who master the basics of QBASICS should graduate to Visual Basic, a much more flexible and faster language that inherited much of QBASIC's syntax.
"I've learned to program graphics with QBASIC but, finding the language too limited, made the easy transition to Visual Basic."
by AbnormalBoy April 19, 2004
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1) One of the easiest to learn programming languages, usually taught in early courses of computer programming.

2) Also, one of the most fun to use for musical and graphical enjoyment.
1) As a freshman in high school we learned how to program in Qbasic!

2) To annoy the teacher I created ring tones using Qbasic... and was suspended for 5 days...
by Gwarg March 5, 2004
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A programming language that's so old that it actually could be found in the ghetto.
dude: god, these McDonalds POS terminals are junk
guy: well yeah, these things are made in qbasic!
dude: get away from me guy.
by Bray April 25, 2004
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