1. a barbeque party (especially one that is trashy and held on a front lawn). also known as: a q or a ques.

2. a fictional gang devoted to members only, trashy front-lawn barbeque parties. they carry spatulas and are enemies to both bloods and crips. also known as Qs or the Qs

3. a tag of the q's up gang. (usually a cartoon spatula or the letter q with an up arrow beside it)

4. verb (present): to barbeque. q's it up
verb (past tense): has been barbequed. q'd up
1. dan: there's a q's up at jenns house tonight.
josh: sweet! i'm down.

2. dan: it's dangerous business driving through the Qs hood.
josh: best believe!

3. dan: b's down! c's down!
josh: q's up!

4. (present) dan: that's a nice looking burg, let's q's it up.
(past tense) dan: turn off the gas, everything's been q'd up.
by Pont Lemarce November 10, 2006
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An alternate way for saying "I'll fuck you up".

Alpha sounds like "I'll fu". Q sounds like "ck You" and obviously Up is for "Up".

"Alpha Q" can (and is) also used in other variations as well as by itself.
Idiot 1: Hey man, Alpha Q Up!
Idiot 2: No you won't! I can bench 500 LBS!
by TerminatioN August 27, 2007
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to hit up the liquo sto', buy some 40z, some grape flavored swisher sweets, hit up Mi Pueblo in East Oakland, park the ride and chill for a few minutes making good use of the car's ash tray, finally go inside to check out the tenderonies, fill the cart up with carne asada, freshly made tortillas, some $25 buchanas with some pineapple juice, a few 12 packs of Pacifico, get some pan dulce for the ride home, hit up the bros and the breezes, start up the grill and enjoy the sunny afternoon.
Hey bro you trying to go to class today? Na, lets q it up!
by BtownTweeka August 12, 2009
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A term used for League of Legends players when they say "queue up," or play another game, when the player(s) is not mentally, emotionally, and/or financially stable. This act promotes both sadistic and masochistic characteristics to themselves that they are aware but ignorant of because LP addiction is more powerful than society. This condition is chronic and could lead to brain damage.
"I can't take it anymore... I'm going to Q up... ARUGHHHHH," Yerpyyy said.
"Yeah you have stage 4 and Q up syndrome," Mars replied.
by Yerpyyy July 15, 2023
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