a common typo of owned that is used in the same way, or more sarcasticly to mock 1337 speak. If you think pwned can be attributed to a single source you are retarded.
retard1: pwned originated with quake
retard2 no it started with warcraft
nonretard: Its a fucking typo, like 'teh'or 'pron'. I you were older than 11 you'd know typos happened even before 1337 made tham 'cool'.
otherguy:you faggots just got pwned!
by pwner February 15, 2005
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I won't even mention the "origin" of pwned here. (I mean, who the fuck cares... "O" is next to "P" on a keyboard. It was going to happen eventually). Unlike silly misspellings like teh, the reason why "pwned" became popular, is because it looks and sounds good.

If you look at the phonetics of the original, owned, it has a very round, relaxed sound to it. The sharper "pwned", however, is fast and furious, like the cracking of a whip, the firing of a silenced gun, or a motherfucking laser weapon.

PEW! PEW! ... pwned.

Because of it's explosive sound, "pwned" will mainly be used where someone is defeated or humiliated in a very sudden and convincing manner. The slower, more elaborate "owned" will more oftenly describe domination over time.

"pwned" is a very good word. It's phonetic similarity to fast, impressive finishes seems well suited to videogames. Because the word sounds like what it does, it will probably stay with us for a long time.
the dorks who try to make up the origin of the word 'pwned', were pwned by this article.
by thePTS July 21, 2009
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Past tense of P'wn or pwn

pwn: to defeat your opponent the the degree of making them appear as an amateur or noob.

originated from the mistyping of "owned"
It is no longer enough for gamers to win against their opponents. It is now the goal of all to completely P'WN them!

::sneaks behind crate::
::pokes up head from behind crate::
::...gets stabbed from behind::
killer: "P'WNED!!"
by Lord_Spater April 17, 2006
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Intentional or unintentional misspelling of the word "owned". It is used primarily as an exclaimation by those that bear witness to someone getting put down or abused to a degree that the victim is humiliated.
After being pushed in the pool fully clothed, Micktard began to pull herself up over the side as Rev yelled "P'WNED"!
by SnakeX3 October 04, 2005
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Created in 1972 by the 3rd SOG (Special Operations Group) when a Lt. Colonel Hank Munro shot a Vietnamese sentry with a Mk22 Hush Puppy. Due to the tension at the time, he inadvertantly said "pwned" instead of "Delta, move in and eliminate all hostiles." The subsequent death of Lt. Col. Munro as he charged a heavily fortified position lead to the term "pwned" being adopted as short-hand for "that dumbass just got his ass whupped in a helluva funny way."
"Did you see that car crash where 27 people died after someone swerved to avoid a cat?"
by Sledge Sparrow June 22, 2005
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1. The domination of a person, place or thing
2. An epic win over someone else
3. A crushing of someone else's talent or belief.
Joe: Hey little girl I bet I can beat you and one on one basketball.
Little Girl: Okay let's play....
The little girl beats Joe really badly.
Joe has just gotten pwned by the little girl.
by that's good October 20, 2009
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How retards say 'owned.'
mAn +HoS3 DuD3z +0+@lLy PwNed U$ lolololololololololz
by DrHighScore February 11, 2008
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