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An exam in which the teacher makes so difficult the entire class fails. He can then "resculpt" the class to give the kids he likes the higher grades and the kids he dislikes the lower grades, according to a bell curve.
I better start kissing up after that putty exam.
by Street Urchin April 06, 2004
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"Man, I'm in AP Calculus for some reason and I failed the exam! It must be because the professor hates me. Stupid putty exams. Oh well, time to go do some drugs and contribute to the downfall of man."
by Air December 13, 2004
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No such word exists. Sucking up to the teacher cannot save you in exams where a bell curve is applied. The grading distribution in a bell curve typically gives the average test score a B or B- and the other scores are given letter grades based on how they fall within the curve. It has nothing to do with who the teacher likes. It has everything to do with how well you perform on the test. Accordingly, there is no such thing as a "putty test" where a bell curve is applied.
You must be an idiot if you think that you can beat a bell curve by sucking up to a teacher. Live with your shitty grade - you are an idiot. Enjoy your career in manual labor. Somebody has to do the dirty work, right?
by MidtownMike March 11, 2005
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putty exam 1 is great. I just started community college and this is what the middle-aged geezed instructors do to get young girls to suck up. Only I don't think they use a bell curve (normal distribution) to rescale otherwise they would still come up with objective grading.
"I'll just rescore/regrade this putty exam by giving that hot blonde in my class with big tits in the front row more points so she'll turn in more extra credit if you know what I mean."
by hestia March 11, 2005
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When you go into the men’s bathroom looking to take a dump with your horrific case of mudbutt and three or more "black" men try and insert there penis' into your anus with the intent of stretching it out like a doctor would and making you shit all over the floor making it look like putty due to the brown poo, red blood, and white cum. Very patriotic.
Yo son, I gots a mad wack craving to run up on the white bitch and give him a "Kriss Kross" job of a putty exam. Skeet skeet skeet hampster!
by Sir J. March 11, 2005
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