(Mexico) A hard hit to someone
You got you a putaso yesturday, it was really hard
by Dantee12 September 22, 2006
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Hard punches, thrown with the goal of inflicting maximum pain and damage. Usually only thrown by pinches working in kitchens after they get pissed off at the wait staff, or by day laborers who are pissed at other day laborers who try stealing their business.

Also known as 'chingasos.'
Fidel: "Ey, why jou try esteal my yobs, cabron???"

Joaquin: "Jou mind it jou bidness, mang!"

Fidel: "OK, puto, get eready for some putasos!!!"
by Potato Sack May 22, 2008
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Spanish: Literally translates to "Face of a thousand hits"

Spanish slang for calling someone ugly, hideous, can be used as an insult in any situation.
Example: "Tienes las cara de mil putasos!"

translates to:
"you're face looks like it's been hit a thousand times!"

or less literal: "you're fucking ugly!"

The word "putaso" (singular) is extremely vulgar, and slang for "hit" ("putasos" is plural for "hits"). The word "putaso" should be used with caution, as it can be taken as a strong insult that can result in physical retaliation, and in Mexico, even death. If you wanted to call someone ugly without pissing them off too much, you may use something less vulgar, such as saying, "estas feisimo!" which translates to "you're very ugly!" which is less likely to result in being shot, kidnapped or beat mercilessly.
by Cotijense86 December 5, 2010
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Spanish slang phrase for, "that bitch has a hideous face!" Literal translation: Face of a thousand hits!
Guy1 ask, "te la cojes a esa vieja?"

Guy2 says, "tiene cara de mil putasos pero si me la echo!"
by JAVYair August 31, 2009
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