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The large protrusion above an old, heavy-set or just-recently-gave-birth female's genital region that sticks out much like a butt on the front of her body. This protrusion can generally be found beneath the seriously strained (and usually elastic) waistband of pants, shorts, and/or skirts.
"Ewwww! Her pussgut sticks out further than her ass!"

"Ewwww! Her pussgut sticks out futher than her titties!"

"Ewwww! I bet she has to lift up her pussgut so he/she can get to her {kitty}!"
by Shae D October 19, 2006
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The area right above a fat womans pussy that buldges out like its a second stomach/gut.
Eww! Look at that womans Puss gut!!
by Statuto November 25, 2009
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the bulging belly pouch that begins just above the vagina and is tucked into the pants.
Shelly's pussgut looked great tucked in to her new pair of Route 66 jeans.
by Svatch May 05, 2006
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the slab of belly fat that hangs over a fat woman's vagina.
Good god, her pussgut hangs to her knees. Whew, Bitch, you need to lift up your pussgut and let your stank air out!
by Nickster1972 October 13, 2007
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